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Dr. Hardnett was raised in the local Lanham area and came back to his community to purchase Dr. Stuart Loeb’s practice 8 years ago to create Effective Chiropractic. Dr. Hardnett was one of Dr. Loeb’s patients and was inspired by him to become a chiropractor. He renovated the office and added more therapies and services including the latest treatment options. Effective Chiropractic joined the other offices, Effective Integrative in Crofton and Millersville to offer all-encompassing treatment options.

Effective Chiropractic PG County Staff Photo

Complete Chiropractor Services in Prince George County, MD

Do you have chronic lower back pain or ongoing migraines? Effective Chiropractic PG County provides a variety of chiropractic services. Don’t let chronic pain or a traumatic injury keep you from living the quality of life you deserve. Come to us for any of the following:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Physical therapy
  • Auto and work injury specialist
  • Dry needling
  • Orthopedic supplies
  • Disc decompression
  • Ultrasounds and digital x-rays
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Hydromassage
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Active Release Technique
  • Graston Technique

Recognizing Chronic Upper & Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Many of our patients come to us seeking chronic upper or lower back pain relief. Because your back contains the spinal cord and a nerve hub that spreads to other areas of your anatomy, back pain can affect your ability to sleep, walk, stand, or sit comfortably. Common symptoms of back pain include shooting or stabbing pains up and down your back or legs, muscle aches, or pain that worsens when you stand, walk, bend, recline, or lift. If you have chronic back pain symptoms, our Lanham chiropractors provide chiropractic adjustments and other methods of therapy to help you strengthen your back muscles, realign your spine, and increase your mobility so you can enjoy a higher quality of life.

Meet Our Friendly, Experienced Chiropractic Team

At Effective Chiropractic PG County, our team utilizes the latest innovations in chiropractic care and other evidence-based treatments to help our patients eliminate pain and discomfort for good. Capable of providing in-house digital x-rays, ultrasounds, and more, our team would love to help you on your journey to recovery. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our friendly, skilled team today:


Anthony Hardnett, DC, BCIM, DMBBP, DAAMLP

Chiropractor, Owner

Dr. Anthony Hardnett received his Bachelors in Biology with an emphasis in Exercise and Nutritional Sciences from Life University in Marietta, Georgia followed by graduating with honors from Life University Chiropractic College with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, along with a Clinic Excellence Award.

Dr. Hardnett is highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries and abnormalities common to the spine, extremities and rest of the body. He has extensive knowledge and experience treating patients who suffer from neck or back pain as well as headaches. He also works with people who have work and sports-related injuries and has extensive expertise in treating patients with whiplash-related injuries.

His post-doctorate education includes earning a Diplomate from the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals after studying accident reconstruction, trauma-related injuries, crash dynamics and other critical issues related to the trauma patient.

Doctor Hardnett is also board certified in Integrative Medicine which is the practice of using multiple treatment options within traditional medicine and alternative medicine to help patients. He also has extensive post-doctorate education relating to MRI interpretation and treatment of disc related injuries. He just earned another Diplomate from the college of Manipulative and Body-Based Practices which enhances his knowledge on how manipulation of the spine can assist the body to heal.

Dr. Hardnett places his emphasis on treating the patient as a whole and finding the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. He owns and operates the premier state of the art Chiropractic and Integrative health facility in Maryland and has an overwhelmingly high success rate in helping patients with their health concerns. Dr. Hardnett feels that offering the latest treatment options, efficient care plans and patient education are all keys for the patient's ultimate success.

Dr. Jacob Becker


Dr. Jacob Becker is Maryland born and bred, a local product of Severn, MD. His interests have always pertained to the human body, how it works and how it is able to perform. He was introduced to healthcare at an early age from visiting the physical therapy office where his mother worked. Dr. Jacob has always been a gifted athlete, which earned him a scholarship to play lacrosse on a national championship caliber team. Having a passion for sports and the human body, he pursued a major in athletic training for two years at Limestone College in Gaffney, SC. He then transferred to Wesley College in Dover, DE where he continued to play lacrosse and run cross country. At that time, he switched his major to kinesiology also known as exercise science. Once he graduated, Dr. Jacob took some time off to work. In the process of figuring out his next step, he shadowed EIH’s Dr. Anthony Hardnett and learned what chiropractic healthcare was all about. He decided to work as a Chiropractic Assistant for EIH to learn as much as he could about chiropractic before he enrolled in Life University and ultimately earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic degree in March 2017. He was fortunate to do his PEAK program, a chiropractic residency, in Maryland during his final term of chiropractic school with Dr. Hardnett and the Effective Team. He gained knowledge of the practice, developed patient rapport, and was able to not only better his chiropractic skill set but expand it as well.

Dr. Jacob is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic in Chiropractic Practice, Physiotherapy, and Adjunctive Procedures. Dr. Jacob’s interests lie in both sports performance and nutrition. He believes in practicing what he preaches by continuing to be active with daily workouts, a good diet, and an overall active lifestyle. His time outside of the office is spent socializing with friends and family, playing lacrosse, fishing, surfing, and cheering on a number of sports teams, which include any Maryland lacrosse team, the University of Alabama football team, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Washington Redskins. Dr. Jacob is excited to be starting his career at Effective Integrative Healthcare and is ready to bring his knowledge, ambition, and an overall passion for healing to the office with the hope of changing as many people’s lives as possible!


CCA, Office and Billing Manager

Amanda is our Office and Billing Manager as well as a Certified Chiropractic Assistant. She was raised in Ohio where she graduated with a BA in English and Theater. She has a wealth of experience in retail management where she worked for almost 7 years. In her managerial roles, she was able to travel and had the opportunity to manage multiple stores. During this time, she discovered chiropractic care for herself and was excited about the opportunity to work in an environment where she could share this knowledge with others on a daily basis. As one of our managers, she assists with verifying insurance benefits and answering any questions you may have. She loves to greet everyone with a hello and a smile, making sure your visit is as relaxing as possible. Amanda loves to see patients' improvement in the office through the excellent care provided. Her main goal is to make you feel a part of the Effective Integrative Healthcare and Integrative Healthcare family and to educate others on how they can reach their true health potential through chiropractic care.

Carla Arieta


Carla Arieta is a trained physician that knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue a career in Medicine. She received her Doctorate of Medicine from the “Universidad Dr. Jose Matías Delgado” in El Salvador. During her years in medical school, she had the opportunity to engage with the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) that allowed her to participate in international clerkships in Europe, where she not only improved her foreign language skills, but also participated actively in the hospital’s clinical rotations, including the areas of Internal Medicine and Surgery. Throughout her years of medical training, she contributed to community service activities, including the Lions Club International ophthalmic medical missions in Central America, as well as IFMSA medical brigades, Helping Hands medical missions, and USNS “Comfort” seagoing hospital ship Partnership for the Americas medical brigades. She sought continued medical education after practicing medicine for several years, and developed an interest in Integrative Medicine. She then began her journey pursuing a dual degree that included a Master of Science in Acupuncture and a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine at the Virginia University of Integrative Medicine, where she was also the Biomedicine Department Chair and a Faculty member of the Western Medicine Department. During her experience teaching basic and clinical sciences, she had the occasion to receive complementary certificates in Physiology and Biochemistry from Harvard Medical School. Carla enjoys spending time with family and friends, and loves hiking. She has passion for continuing education and likes to attend seminars and courses that would nourish her knowledge in the field of medicine in order to benefit her patients. Recently, she attended a Symposium named “Translating Fundamental Science of Acupuncture into Clinical Practice: for cancer symptom management, pain and substance abuse” at the National Institute of Health (NIH), where brilliant minds from around the world met in order to share interesting data collected about modern acupuncture research that exposed promising outcomes that would promote a positive impact in the healthcare system. In this conference, she also had the opportunity to learn from Prof. Ted Kaptchuck, a renowned researcher at Harvard Medical School and from Dr. Richard Niemtzow’s life and professional experiences, he is the chief of the Air Force Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Center, an eager promoter of Battlefield Acupuncture within the US Military Forces.
Carla is trained in a diversity of modalities: TCM diagnosis, SaAm, Master Tung, NADA protocol, Neuro-anatomy point location, among others. She considers that Medicine is an art and that by understanding our pathophysiological processes; a healthcare practitioner is able to provide a comprehensive approach treating the patient as a whole, while focusing on reinforcing their inner strength and balance.
She is currently licensed to practice Acupuncture and has found in this medicine a unique body of knowledge offering patients a complementary and alternative medical approach to comfort and healing, and plans to incorporate these skills into her practice. While joining efforts with the outstanding Effective Integrative Healthcare team, she is convinced that every single patient will receive the best medical care they deserve by improving their overall quality of life.

Toni Goodsell

Licensed Massage Therapist

A native of Phoenix, AZ, Toni graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry before being stationed all over the world as the spouse of an active duty member of the Air Force.

After injuring her shoulder while snowboarding, she was told by a doctor that she would always have pain and reduced range of motion. Unwilling to accept that, she sought out massage therapy treatment to aid her healing. After regaining strength, full-range of motion, and becoming pain-free, she decided that this was what she wanted to do. Toni then enrolled and graduated as a licensed massage therapist from the Lotus Education Institute in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. After moving to Maryland, she attended further training from the Lotus Education Institute in Baltimore, completing a total of 810 credited hours. Toni is excited to learn and apply the newest therapeutic techniques to aid others on their journey to healing and wellness as well.

In her spare time, Toni loves yoga, snowboarding, hiking, camping, traveling, speaking German, spending time with her husband and two kids and playing board games with friends. She is excited to help you along your healing path too.


Karen is our Front Desk Manager at our PG office. Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Maryland, Karen graduated from Parkdale High School in 2009. After that she attended a few courses at Montgomery Community College in Rockville for a year. Karen has over 10 years of experience in the Medical field including many different areas of care from Physical Therapy to Surgical Scheduling. She has 2 children that are her pride and joy and a Siberian cat named Valentina that loves fetching, snow and long walks. Karen has a bubbly personality; she loves to make her patient's laugh and smile. She is caring and passionate about getting to know all of our patients and to make them feel like a part of the EC/EIH family.



Ashley was born and raised in Prince George’s County Maryland. She attended Frederick Douglass High School where she ran track and cross country all 4 years. Following her graduation in 2015, she attended Towson University where she majored in Exercise Science and graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in 2019. Additionally, Ashley has 2 years of experience as a physical therapy technician where she found a passion for rehabilitation and corrective exercise. Ashley also loves to do yoga and restorative exercise in her down time! It was through her personal, educational, and professional experiences that led Ashley to commit herself to caring for patients and promoting health and wellness for longevity at Effective Chiropractic PGC.


Front Desk Administrator

Genesis was born in Arlington VA and attended Wakefield High School where she graduated a year early to start working full time. She has been working in the restaurant industry for 6 years. After being in the industry for so long, she learned that she loves customer service. She loves feeling like she has made a difference in someone's day. She is also a dog lover and was a professional dog walker for about two years in the Northern Virginia area. She is a very active person and enjoys constantly being on the move. She is very excited to join the Effective Team to continue her growth and learning more about health and wellness.

Are You a New Patient? Chiropractic Pre-Appointment Forms

Are you a new patient at Effective Chiropractic PG County? We’ve made it convenient to download and fill out patient forms prior to your first chiropractic appointment. Whether you have chronic back pain or an auto or work-related injury, we’d be happy to work with you to alleviate the pain and other symptoms you may be experiencing. We accept most forms of insurance and methods of payment. Please contact us today to request an appointment with our chiropractors in Lanham, Millersville, or Crofton, MD. We have three offices to serve you better with flexible hours and extended services!

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