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If you find yourself suffering from lasting back pain, you may think there is no relief. However, there is. Spinal decompression therapy is designed to help relieve and alleviate you of chronic neck and back pain by using nonsurgical treatment to gently and carefully stretch your spine through motorized traction. Our experienced and trained providers at Effective Chiropractic in Lanham, MD, can target your pain and significantly reduce it with our decompression therapy options. Whether you suffer from degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, or spinal stenosis, reach out to us so you can live a pain-free life sooner than you think.


Decompression therapy is a nonsurgical treatment option aimed to relieve pain in your neck and lower back by use of a machine that will gently and slowly stretch your spine. There are two main types of decompression therapy available, dependent on where your pain is located.


By gently stretching the spine, the force and position of your spine is changed, which will take pressure off your spinal discs. Spinal discs are the cushions between your spine bones, and by causing negative pressure inside the discs, the intense pressure on your nerves and other spinal structures are relieved. This facilitates the movement of oxygen and fluids directly into the discs, speeding up the healing process. Treatment generally takes up to 45 minutes and needs to be done over a period of up to two months. During spinal decompression therapy, your chiropractor will fit you with two harnesses: one on your pelvis and another on your trunk. Using a computer, your doctor will create a customized treatment tailored to your unique situation to relieve the pain.


Also known as cervical traction, neck decompression therapy works by gently pulling your head away from your neck. This helps to create expansion while removing any compression. By creating space between your vertebrae, your muscles will relax, which in turn increases flexibility while reducing neck pain and stiffness. Not unlike spinal decompression therapy, your chiropractor will use a harness, which is attached to your head and neck while you’re lying on your back. Using a machine, we will slowly apply traction to gently pull your head away from your neck and spine.


Decompression therapy is one of the most recommended forms of nonsurgical treatment to deal with chronic neck and back pain. Since surgery should be a last resort given that most patients benefit strongly from more conservative treatments, spinal and neck decompression therapy has been shown to relieve lasting neck and back pain for a wide range of issues. From joint pain to pinched nerves to herniated discs, our experienced chiropractors will create a customized plan for you to follow over several weeks. Once you start our therapy programs in Lanham, MD, you should begin to see results after your first few sessions.

Don’t suffer from debilitating neck or back pain any longer. Call our team today to create a custom plan for you!

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