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Seek Out a Chiropractor For Carpal Tunnel Therapy

If you have been feeling soreness in your wrist or find it even difficult to move at all, you should reach out to the team at Effective Chiropractic about resources and treatment options. We take each case seriously and develop personalized treatment plans based on your unique needs. Not every case of carpal tunnel is the same, and you can obtain the syndrome in a number of different ways. We will go over your daily tasks and chores in an attempt to pinpoint the problems areas and strategize ways to help you perform them better without the risk of continued injury. Give us a call today, even if you are unsure about your pain. Having our experts examine your wrists can lead us to get you the treatments necessary to get back to your job and daily life quicker. We attempt to give you relief without the use of painkillers and surgical options.

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What is Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an issue caused by continued pressure on the median nerve in your wrist. You may experience tingling, numbness, and weakness in the arm and hand. Constant stress and repetitive motions with your wrist will cause these symptoms, and as soon as you begin to notice them, you should make the call to Effective Chiropractic. The sooner our team can take a look, the sooner we can have you feeling better. We can give you advice and exercises to perform at home to prevent or slow the impact of carpal tunnel on your life. Over eight million people get diagnosed with carpal tunnel each year. The number rises due mainly to our need to be on computers and cell phones for work and pleasure.

How Do You Get Carpal Tunnel?

There are plenty of ways you apply pressure to the median nerve without even realizing it. Many jobs require the use of a laptop or desktop computer, which can make it easier than ever before to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Having your wrists bent for six to eight hours a day can really be seriously unhealthy, but Effective Chiropractic has solutions. The added use of cell phones in daily lives has exacerbated the amount of time we spend using our fingers and wrist to communicate. On top of all the other daily tasks that require you to bend and manipulate your wrists, it can be much easier to develop this syndrome. Seek help from our professionals to find ways you can mitigate and break up the continued pressure on your wrists and fingers.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel to Look Out For

Whether you know for sure you are experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel or not; you should seek the assistance of a medical professional to safeguard yourself from further pain and prevent serious injuries. We can help assess your pain and help determine if it is actually a carpal tunnel or if there is something else causing the stress. Below are some symptoms you should be on the lookout for if you believe you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome:


  • Tingling Sensation: This feeling can also be described as pins and needles and will occur in your fingers and palms. It can also begin to climb up your arm when it gets severe. Most people will say their hand is “asleep” as a way to explain this feeling as well.
  • Weakness: You may also experience some flaws in your hand and be incapable of performing routine tasks. Even simple movements such as eating or writing can be challenging to achieve with carpal tunnel. Issues with your hand coordination can be prevented, or at least we could work with you to help regain those simple movements.
  • Soreness: If you experience soreness after clocking out for the day in your wrists or fingers, this could be an early sign of carpal tunnel. You should schedule an appointment with Effective Chiropractic to have us check it out in an attempt to catch it early.

How Effective Chiropractic Delivers Carpal Tunnel Therapy

Our well-educated staff at Effective Chiropractic can accurately diagnose your carpal tunnel, thanks to our many years studying nerve entrapment syndromes. Once we discover the underlying cause, we can move forward with treatment options before surgery because of your only one. Using gentle massage and adjustment manipulations, we can work out and soothe the affected nerves in your hand, wrist, and spine to give you relief. Your chiropractor at Effective Chiropractic will also give you at-home exercises and treatments such as using ice or other cooling products. If you ever have issues completing tasks at home, simply pick up the phone and call or speak to our professionals about it to see how we can further assist with your journey to recovery.

Contact Effective Chiropractic Today For More Info!

At Effective Chiropractic, we help our patients in Lanham, MD get the treatment they need to effectively tackle carpal tunnel without the use of potentially problematic medications and dangerous surgical options. We hope to diagnose and treat the problem swiftly to have you feeling 100% in no time through chiropractic services. Reach out as soon as you begin to feel a tingle or weakness in your wrist, so we can start the necessary work to prevent further issues or injury.

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